tempI started in the gear business in 1982 having worked for several companies specializing in the rebuilding of transmissions, differentials and steering gears. Over the years I have seen success and failure in those businesses and have learned from their example.

In 2004 I opened Gearhouse Inc. with the same business philosophy I have now. Give the customer the benefit of our many years of experience. Assist the customer with advice and insight, whether they want parts, help trouble shooting or a rebuilt transmission, differential or steering gear. Provide top quality products and have them on the shelf, never cut corners, make it as painless as possible for the customer, exceed expectations, stand behind your warranty. The best sales person or spokesman for Gearhouse Inc. is a satisfied customer.

Trucking, construction, waste industries and excavation, the people working in those industries all know each other and they all talk, we always want the word on us to be good. To all our great customers who have helped us to grow over the years, I sincerely thank you.

John Comegys, Company President